Roman Catholics in U.S. get new translation of Roman missal

Tribune reporter

Roman Catholics across the United States followed a new translation of the Mass today that includes several changes to prayers and responses that the faithful have recited for decades.

The revisions proved challenging for parishioners and priests alike. Cardinal Francis George, the archbishop of Chicago, said even he stumbled over some of the new wording while celebrating Mass this morning.

"I tripped up a couple of times," George said while giving the homily at another Mass at Holy Name Cathedral later this morning. "I found myself reverting back, and therefore I was a little bit upset at myself."

The changes are meant to make the English version of the Mass adhere more closely to its Latin roots, church leaders have said. Churches have been holding meetings and issuing summaries of the changes for months to educate parishioners and answer questions about the modifications.

Many churches in the Chicago area - including Holy Name Cathedral - printed "cheat sheets" outlining the changes for churchgoers to use today.

Still, old habits proved hard to break. Many responses from congregations today were a jumble of old and new phrases.

Despite the confusion, Kevin Hogan, who attended Mass at the cathedral this morning, said the changes made the Mass feel more reverential.

"It will take some getting used to," said Hogan, 51, of Cleveland. "It was really different. I liked it."

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