Mr. T shows up for jury duty in Rolling Meadows

Special to the Tribune
Mr. T shows up for jury duty, jokes he won't take lunch because he wants to be 'mean on the criminal.'

Mr. T was a soldier of fortune who fought injustice on "The A-Team," but today he walked the halls of justice at Cook County’s Rolling Meadows courthouse. 

The actor, who lives in Chicago, showed up for jury duty, and though he didn’t get seated on a jury, he happily interacted with excited fans, signing autographs and cracking jokes.

Still sporting his iconic mohawk – but not the stacks of gold jewelry for which he was known during his '80s heyday – Mr. T even agreed to get on the phone with fans whose relatives encountered him at the courthouse.

One of the assistant state’s attorneys, Ahmed Baset, told the actor he still had, and used, a Mr. T lunchbox that made him “the coolest kid in school.”

Toting a Bible, T at one point joked that he wasn’t going to eat during the lunch break because if he did, he wouldn’t be able to be “mean on the criminal.”

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