Man charged in Old Town bank robbery

A Chicago man has been charged with robbing an Old Town bank after police were able to track and catch him using a GPS device concealed in the money he stole, according to the FBI.

Sean Wiley, 45, whose last known address was in the 100 block of South Ashland Avenue, faces a bank robbery charge in the heist from the Fifth Third Bank branch at 145 W. North Ave. about 2:15 p.m. Monday. Three Near North District tactical officers caught Wiley within minutes of the robbery after they were given his description and his last known location on GPS, according to a complaint against Wiley.

A man walked into the bank wearing a black dust mask over his face and a white towel over the dust mask, and was confronted by a bank employee, who asked him "What's going on?" according to the complaint. The man replied, "This is a robbery," and handed another bank employee a black plastic bag.

When the first bank employee stood up to confront the man, the man, keeping his right hand on his waist as he talked, said "Don't be a hero. You want to go home to your family tonight—it's the bank's money," according to the complaint.

The second employee then returned from the teller counter with the bag, filled with $1,180 in cash and a GPS tracking device. The robber took the bag, but complained that "There's not enough money in there."

The robber left the bank, however, leaving the white towel behind as he fled west on North Avenue and then south through an alley that runs next to the bank, according to the complaint.

Near North District Officer John McCarthy and his partner, Officer Lucas Wise, were patrolling in the area when they heard a description of the suspect broadcast on police radio, McCarthy said Monday. Officers went to the location indicated by the GPS tracker and saw Wiley, running through the intersection at Schiller and Weiland streets, about 2½ blocks from the bank, according to the complaint.

By the time McCarthy and Wise jumped out of their car, a third officer, Jim McGuire, also part of the Near North tactical team, had arrived and worked to arrest the man, McCarthy said. The man gave the officers no trouble, McCarthy said.

"He just complied," when the officers told him he was being arrested.

The officers brought the man back to the bank and the two employees identified him as the robber, and the GPS tracking device was found on him, according to the complaint.

FBI agents took possession of the towel Wiley left in the bank and also found the dust mask and a black baseball cap Wiley wore in the robbery, according to the complaint. Wiley had $185 cash on him when he was arrested, and a black plastic bag with $1,000 in was found in an alley between the bank and where Wiley was arrested.

Wiley had been scheduled to appear before a federal magistrate judge this afternoon, according to FBI spokeswoman Special Agent Joan Hyde.

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