Front page business, Chicago style

If you read front page stories about Groupon, the city's Wrigley Field negotiations between neighbors and the Chicago Cubs, or the prolonged effects of the recession, chances are you've read the work of business reporter Ameet Sachdev. He spoke with Trib Nation:

What’s unique about Chicago’s business climate?

Its diversity. In nearly 13 years as a business reporter at the Tribune, I’ve covered beats that have included food and agriculture, accounting, aviation and Chicago’s legal community. There’s a never-ending list of fascinating companies and business personalities to write about.

When did you get into journalism, and what hooked you?

My dad used to bring the Chicago Tribune home every day and I would devour the sports section. My love for journalism grew in high school, where I worked for the newspaper. My first assignment freshman year: Write a story on the varsity soccer team. The newspaper adviser liked the story and encouraged me to continue writing. I haven’t stopped since.

You grew up and went to J-school around here, then went to papers in St. Pete, Lexington and Poughkeepsie before coming back to the Trib. What did you learn about Chicago when you got back that you didn’t know before?

I hate to sound so negative, but the amount of public corruption surprised me. I  grew up in the western suburbs, but as a kid you don’t pay attention to that stuff.

What kind of stories do you enjoy covering, and how can people get in touch with you if they have a tip?

Business stories are not just about profits and stock prices. I enjoy writing about the people behind a new product or marketing campaign, or on the flip side the people who scam consumers or investors. You can reach me at

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