Finding a reflection of community in online comment sections

One of the notable things about being Trib Nation manager is getting to know the different communities more comfortable around one Chicago Tribune medium or another. Print, say, or online.

Which makes it all the more remarkable to see in Monday's comment section online a number of people who identify themselves as friends and neighbors of Patrick Rorig of Johnsburg. Rorig died after falling through the ice while playing hockey with his son Sunday. Real community, it seems, knows no technological boundaries.

The story -- which the Tribune continues to cover -- was among the most conversation-sparking online Monday at

The rest of the most-commented list reflects things of importance to the Chicago area:

Coverage of Gov. Pat Quinn warning that Illinois must cut back on Medicaid payments.

Catholic Cardinal Francis George weighing in on the controversy over contraceptives in the nation's health care law on Saturday.

Reponse to coverage of new leadership at the Chicago Cubs, and reaction to oil prices jumping to a nine-month high Monday after Iran halted crude exports to Britain and France.

The most-commented stories aren't always the most highly-read, but they're often an indicator of the topics people are thinking about.

Thanks for weighing in.

-- James Janega, Trib Nation Manager

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