Interview: 'Exorcist' star Linda Blair wants you to ask her new questions -- really

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Linda Blair has some advice for fans of “The Exorcist” who want to ask her a question: Watch “The Exorcist” Blu-ray first.

Blair — who was nominated for an Oscar for her role as a demon-possessed teenager in the 1973 film — said the Blu-ray’s special features answer many of the questions she has been getting for nearly 40 years. While she appreciates the fans’ enthusiasm for the film, she admitted it would be nice to get new questions.

“The (fans) that stand out the most are the ones who ask a question that is different,” Blair said last week. “I’m touched when someone works that much harder to come up with an original idea. But on the whole, they ask the same questions. How did they do it? How old were you? How did they make your head spin? How did you levitate? Did it scare you? I tell them ‘You can’t be afraid of yourself.’”

Fans will get an opportunity to ask Blair questions (preferably new ones) when she screens “The Exorcist” Friday and Saturday at Hollywood Palms Cinema in Naperville and Sunday and Monday at Hollywood Blvd Cinema in Woodridge (Blair said she will donate all the money she earns from the appearances to her Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation, which is an animal rescue in Acton, Calif.).

The 52-year-old actress has been attached to the horror genre ever since she appeared in “The Exorcist,” which has earned $441 million worldwide, according to She made an uncredited cameo as a reporter in 1996’s “Scream” and hosted the cable TV series, “Scariest Places on Earth.” Still, Blair isn’t much of a fan of today’s horror films. She prefers the older monster movies to gory flicks such as “Saw.”

“I don’t understand it,” Blair said of the state of the genre. “I like the old fashioned ones: ‘Frankenstein,’ ‘The Mummy,’ ‘The Werewolf.’ I think you always like what you were raised on.”

Blair does, however, understand the fascination with the genre as a whole.

“People just want to feel some sort of emotion,” she said. “Some people want to laugh and some want to be scared. It makes them feel awake.”

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