Rice milk

Price per ounce: 7 cents Calories per glass: 120 calories Fat per glass: 2 grams Protein per glass: 1 gram Sugars: 11 grams Vitamins per glass: Vitamin A: 10 percent; Calcium: 30 percent Best for: Someone on a low-fat diet. Rice milk has no saturated fat and no cholesterol, Snyder said. Beware: This is low in protein, so add more meat, cheese, beans or other high-protein foods to your diet, while taking into the consideration the fat in those items. Also, rice is a starchy grain, so its milk contains 33 grams of carbs per cup, Snyder said. It's also commonly loaded with sugar in the form of rice syrup or evaporated canned juice, so it's not a good choice, for instance, for diabetics. Since it isn't high in natural nutrition, it's often fortified with nutrients, which may not be readily absorbed into your body, Snyder said.
Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune
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