The decision to buy

  • Market climate warms for house hunters

    Market climate warms for house hunters

    Outlook brighter despite shift in the rules

  • Calculate the real cost of homeownership

    Calculate the real cost of homeownership

    Homes are more affordable these days, the selection is abundant, and interest rates are still fairly low. For some people, it could well be a great time to buy. But as too many struggling borrowers now realize, the cost of owning a home is hardly limited to paying the mortgage. There are a host...

  • 6 homebuying mistakes and how to avoid them

    6 homebuying mistakes and how to avoid them

    If you've been thinking about buying a home, especially if you're a first-time buyer, folks in the real estate industry want to send you a message: Come on in, the water's fine. This may indeed be a great time for you to buy. But learn about common buying errors before you jump in. 1. Not getting...

  • Agents and brokers are holding the foreclosure door wide open for buyers looking for a bargain

    Two years ago, Jason Pietrucha read the foreclosure writing on the wall. The mortgage broker saw California's growing default rate and prepared for the home-loan tsunami to hit Illinois. Switching to real estate sales, Pietrucha deals almost exclusively in properties in various stages of mortgage...

  • What to know before choosing a developer

    With some home builders and developers buckling under the strain of slow sales, tight credit and falling prices, buyers worry about finding a financially sound seller that will be around to fulfill future promises. "The answer is to ask, ask, ask," said Nick Retsinas, director of the Joint Center...

  • Launch 4-step plan to save for first home

    Housing prices have slipped in many neighborhoods. But that doesn't mean it's easy for everyone to become a homeowner. Many young singles and couples still struggle to obtain even the most basic entry-level home. To qualify, they must first slash their spending and build a savings account. "Lots...

  • Is it time to buy or time to stand pat?

    Some question to consider when deciding whether to buy a second home: Do I know the market? Most second-home buyers have time on their sides, even more so in this buyer's market, says Margaret S. Canfield, an agent with Keefe Real Estate in Lake Geneva, Wis. Renting for a couple seasons is one...

  • 10 things every new homeowner should know

    You bought the house and secured the keys. Now what? Real estate expert Sid Davis says maintenance crises, financial demands and renovation disasters can become overwhelming to inexperienced property owners. "They were renters before, so whenever they had a problem, the landlord or supervisor would...

  • Value, not price, key factor when looking to buy home

    Today, buying a home may feel a lot like buying stocks: You'd prefer to wait until the market finally bottoms out. The only problem is getting the timing right. The price of existing single-family homes in 20 major metro areas has declined every month since September, according to the Standard...

  • How to ensure the bid is right

    Buyers told that legwork, common sense is essential

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