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'Bad Johnson' trailer heavy on Lincoln Park locations

The less I say about the premise of “Bad Johnson,” the better.

The last time I filed a story on the independent comedy starring Cam Gigandet and Jamie Chung – which filmed in Chicago for 20 days in 2012 – I received a brief crash course on what you can and can’t say in the newspaper. Luckily, there is now a trailer that can explain the risque plot for me.

Just be warned that the video is NSFW.

You may recognize a few of the Lincoln Park-area locations in the trailer, including the Lincoln Park Conservatory, the Belden–Stratford hotel, Gejas Café, People Play Games and Aaron’s Apothecary, as well as The Charleston Bar in Bucktown and the Clark-Devon Hardware store in Rogers Park.

“Bad Johnson” hits theaters May 2. | Twitter @TribLuis

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