Void where prohibited

An asterisk? Surprisingly, hitting the button didn't trigger a string of fine print warning the Audi A7 cannot be used after three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, or without the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball. The asterisk button is next to the right thumbwheel on the A7's steering wheel. We had to dig into the owner's manual to find out it's a programmable button for controlling functions of the navigation and audio systems. It's pretty much a blank Scrabble square, but instead of 26 options, Audi gives drivers a choice of four: Voice guidance on/off Navigation map display day/night Change radio/media Next track/station/channel Using the "next track" programming was the most useful. The A7's left thumbwheel scrolls through tracks or radio stations on the dashboard's display, which requires an extra command to select, and the right thumbwheel is for volume. Using the next-track programming takes only one simple click of the wildcard button and is a quicker way to change tracks.
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