Be vulnerable

Yes, we are fully aware that as tourist attractions go, the John Hancock is expensive and, if you are really, really honest, overrated. But those views are conducive to romance in a way that few things are, which is why we're all about Skating in the Sky. The Hancock's artificial ice (this sort of plasticky stuff that does a reasonable simulation of ice) isn't exactly like the real thing, which makes it difficult to stumble around on collapsed ankles, smiling sheepishly and being charming. But did we mention the view from up there? There you are, arm-in-arm, looking over a view that might make you say, "I can see my house from here." Singles: There isn't a lot for you here. Sorry. You can go and show off if you know how to skate, but the time spent learning how to skate on the fake ice means that by the time you're ready to work your mojo, the 25-minute session is up. Couples: Skate! Stop looking out the window! Nice, isn't it? It's pretty well-known that anything you do in the Hancock that costs money, is expensive because it's the only thing like it in the city, unless you have a good friend in a downtown high-rise. Details: 875 N. Michigan Ave., $20; $15 (kids ages 3-11); $1 skate rental. Calling ahead is encouraged, 312-751-3681
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