Heather Terhune

Heather Terhune Then: Executive chef, Sable Kitchen & Bar Today: Executive chef, Sable Kitchen & Bar What's new: Of the six Chicago chefs, Heather Terhune has held the steadiest career she's remained executive chef at River North's Sable Kitchen & Bar, which turns 4 this month. "Top Chef" did open the door for outside opportunities - she worked as a cooking consultant and became a touring spokeswoman for Chicago Cutlery. Now, with the restaurant cruising along, Terhune said she's taking more time off to explore the world and bring back ideas to her kitchen. In her own words: "Being on 'Top Chef,' I learned so much about myself and my cooking style. I learned a lot from my competitors. I know I'm never going to work at Alinea. My food is very simple, and I cook very American; more rustic, not so refined. I still go back to my training in classic French techniques. A lot of cooks don't know how to do it - braising, charcuterie, frenching a rack of lamb - and it's a bit scary. What I've been focusing is on teaching, and that's something I love to do. The nasty (comments from viewers)? That all dissipated once the show ended."
Photo by Abel Uribe / Chicago Tribune
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