MLB Stickball

$10 download from Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network What is it? Your pitcher and three fielders, taking to the streets with a baseball and broomstick for some kid-like fun. Smack the ball past the pitcher's spot or you're out. Hit a couple of well-marked targets—an ice cream truck, a wheel on the side of a barn—to earn extra bases. Why is it fun? Strategy. Fill your lineup with MLB stars or mix in no-name specialists, such as the All-Rounder, Control Pitcher or Power Hitter. You also can mix and match. During the game, smack targets on the street—an ice cream truck or a wagon wheel on the side of a barn—for extra bases on bonus points. After the game, spend those points to unlock pro players so you can juggle your lineup even more. This is a big-head sports game that makes you think. The verdict? "MLB Stickball" breaks the No. 1 rule of the big-head realm: Games should be short. Because there are no double plays, you have to pitch through every jam, which means even a three-inning game can last 30 minutes. Not good if you're looking for some quick fun.
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