Mike Allen

<!-- START LEAD --> <b>Name:</b> Mike Allen<br>
<b>Title:</b> CEO<br>
<!-- END LEAD --> <!-- START REST --> <b>Company:</b> Crown Mortgage Co.<br>
<b>Location:</b> 6141 W. 95th Street in Oak Lawn<br>
<b>Company Type:</b> Mortgage bank<br>
<b>Founded:</b> September 1975<br>
<b>Web:</b> w<A HREF="http://www.crownmortgageco.com/" TARGET="_top">www.crownmortgageco.com
<b>Employees:</b> 53

( Photo for the Tribune by Warren Skalski )

Name: Mike Allen

Title: CEO

Company: Crown Mortgage Co.

Location: 6141 W. 95th Street in Oak Lawn

Company Type: Mortgage bank

Founded: September 1975

Web: wwww.crownmortgageco.com

Employees: 53

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