It will cost more to go to college next year and the year after at many Indiana universities. The latest hikes happened at IU, Ball State and Indiana State University. All have approved tuition hikes and fees. Combined, those increases jump past recommendations from the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.

Last week, Purdue University trustees approved a 3.5 percent tuition hike for the next two years. Tuesday morning, the trustees at Indiana University followed suit saying needs are pushing beyond the means because of state cuts.

"I can't predict anything except more of the same coming if we read what we've seen going on," said IU Trustee Thomas E. Reilly, Jr.
At Bloomington, the tuition hike is 3.5 percent...2.5 percent at the five regional campuses, including IUPUI.

The hike IU trustees approved is right at the cap the state requested but when you add in fees for repairs and rehab, that ceiling gets busted by several hundred dollars. Full-time students in Bloomington will pay $540 in R&R fees in the next two years. At IUPUI, it'll be $480 by the end of 2013.

"This fee, in my opinion, unnecessarily impacts students on my campus," said Student Association President Justin Kingslover.

IU's Student Association President told the board it's unfair to separate the fees from the tuition, which combined, brings the total increase to around five percent. IU President Michael McRobbie told the trustees there's more than half a billion dollars worth of repairs at all seven campuses.

"It's difficult, I work two jobs and I'm still behind, lots of loans," said IUPUI junior Catherine Thayers.

"Right now, I'm running low on my budget that I set up. With gas and everything, it's a little rough," said sophomore Benjamin Wentworth.

Indiana State passed a tuition hike, as did Ball State University. At a public hearing in Muncie, BSU officials announced at 3.9 percent increase next year and a 4.9 percent increase in 2012.

"We have tried every way we can to be efficient, to be lean and look for savings," said Dr. Randy Howard with Ball State.

If they hadn't by now, so will the state's thousands of students... assuming they'll be able to afford to go to school next year.

At IU, the increases for out of state students is even higher. The combined tuition and fee increase for non-Indiana residents will go up by more than 6.5 percent.