Main Street Corner Proposed for UConn Campus Relocation

One of the 13 proposals for relocating the University of Connecticut's West Hartford campus to downtown Hartford is targeting a corner of Main Street next to the G. Fox building.

The proposal, submitted by LAZ Parking's Alan Lazowski, would include a renovation of the nearly 900-space parking garage at One Talcott Plaza and the construction of a new building, a source says. The new building would be located on an existing parking lot owned by LAZ which is between the parking garage and Main Street, a source says.

One Talcott Plaza also includes 103,000 square feet of now vacant office space that would part of the plan.

Both UConn and LAZ declined to comment Tuesday.

The development of the area was mentioned at last month's meeting of the Urban Land Institute in Hartford which is pursuing a year-long study for revitalizing Albany Avenue in the North End.

Visiting urban planners and land-use experts from around the country said the relocation of the UConn campus to downtown would contribute to vibrancy that could spill over into the North End.

Kenneth R. Gosselin