Dan Haar is a columnist. He joined The Courant as a photographer after graduating from Wesleyan University. After nearly ending Larry Bird’s career with an errant monopod, he covered Suffield and East Hartford. On the business desk, Dan reported on the economy and jobs, manufacturing, biotech and telecom before a stint at the state Capitol. Since 2001 he has toggled between roles as a columnist and the business editor. He has won awards and rewards for all this, including the opportunity to walk across Connecticut in the summer of 2014, writing and photographing. He lives in West Hartford with a daughter in college.

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Dan Haar

Dan Haar

Dan Haar

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Joan A. Steitz: A Place In The Lab, And In Biochemistry History

May 28, 2015

Joan A. Steitz was a young biochemist in 1968, working with Francis Crick, the Nobel laureate credited with co-discovering the DNA double helix. And she needed a breakthrough.