Michael Phelps, social media maven

Michael Phelps has held a lot of titles. Olympic swimming champion. Philanthropist. Subway spokesman.

Add a new one to the list: social media expert.

The swimmer took over the official Ravens twitter account during last week's snowy last-minute victory over the Vikings, a social media stunt that, of course, spawned its own hash tag: #MPTakeover.

His excitement was palpable.

"THERE IT IS!!!!! Are you serious!?!?! 4TDs in 1:30!! Snowballs at M&T. Best game EVER for those who stayed! #MPtakeover #purplesnowday" read one tweet.

Phelps was particularly thrilled to see Dennis Pitta, who had dislocated a hip during training camp, make his season debut, posting about the tight end no fewer than six times.

The swimmer had no shortage of advice for the team, calling on the Ravens to strengthen defense and work the sidelines.

"And once again. Still have time. One score game. Regroup and make it happen," Phelps tweeted as the clock ticked down.

When the Ravens won, Phelps celebrated with broadcaster Gerry Sandusky's agricultural metaphor and a hash tag with a Baltimore accent : "And the hay is in the barn!!!! #MPtakeover #purplesnowday #DEMRAVENSHON!"

Julie Scharper

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