Baltimore needs cameras on cops [Letter]

I felt a glimmer of hope when I read that Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts plans to equip some officers with cameras ("Batts' crime-fighting plan focuses on gangs, guns, violent offenders," Nov. 21).

I am a retired scientific photographer, and I have witnessed the value of recording data with a motion picture device. I hope Commissioner Batts succeeds in this effort. This tool could provide more convincing evidence than any eyewitness report. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a movie is priceless.

I would also suggest that the device be mounted on the officers' caps or helmets; the head can act as a tripod for better panning of the area, and it moves faster than the body. And once the officer starts the camera, it should not be stopped until the event is over. This would provide proof positive that the footage was not tampered with.

John Holter, Baltimore

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