Middle River man receives 35 years imprisonment for 2011 murder

A Baltimore County man received a 35 year sentence Friday for killing an Essex man with a hammer, wrapping the body in cellophane and floral bedsheets, and discarding the body in a wooded area until police recovered his skeletal remains months later.

John Leschefsky, 27, of Middle River had pled guilty in November to conspiracy to distribute drugs and second degree murder in the death of 57-year-old Jeffrey Jennings.

Jennings died on Sept. 11, 2011 of blunt force trauma in his home, which he shared with Leschefsky and his girlfriend Carollyn Duschl, in the 8100 Grey Haven Road in Dundalk.

Prosecutors said the couple had been riding in Jennings' vehicle after his family had reported Jennings missing and that they had been pawning some of Jennings' personal items. Although police suspected Leschefsky, prosecutors said he had been reluctant to disclose the location of the body. Duschl later told police the location of Jennings body, which was discovered on April 3.

Prosecutors said Jennings' remains were decomposed to the point that a forensic anthropologist had to determine the manner of death, but was able to determine that a hammer was used at the murder weapon, breaking Jennings' jaw bones.

At the sentencing, Jennings' daughter, Rebecca Jennings, spoke of how her life had changed since her father's death, often thinking of the gruesome way in which he was killed.

Her sister-in-law, Wendy Jennings, said Leschefsky "has his life but we're left with only the memories of how he died."

Leschefsky's attorney described his struggle with drugs but said he has sought treatment at the county detention center.

His mother, Annabel Leschefsky, said, "I'm starting to see the young man come back to me that he once was."

Leschefsky apologized to the family, "I wish I could take it all back. I'm a totally different person now." He added, "I'm not a monster."

Duschl had been previously sentenced to five years with all but two and a half years suspended for being an accessory to the murder.

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