DJS employee arrested in shooting incident outside Hickey School

A 29-year-old Department of Juvenile Services employee and her 39-year-old boyfriend have been arrested after shots were fired Thursday night in the parking lot of a youth detention facility in Baltimore County, state police said.

Police said an employee reported that he was leaving the Charles H. Hickey Jr. School in the 9700 block of Old Harford Road about 10:30 p.m. when several shots were fired and a car sped off.

Troopers learned that the vehicle belonged to Hickey School employee Mia C. Henson and was being driven by her boyfriend, Jermaine A. Conway. Investigators went to the pair's Rosedale apartment and arrested them, police said.

No one was struck by the gunfire, though police recovered shell casings from the parking lot. Police searched Henson's apartment and vehicle, but no firearm was recovered, police said.

Police believe the shooting might have stemmed from a conflict between the couple and the employee who reported hearing the shots.

Eric Solomon, a spokesman for the Department of Juvenile Services, described the incident as a "third party" entering a nonsecure area of the campus and discharging a gun. He noted that no youths were involved but declined further comment.

Records show Henson has worked for the Department of Juvenile Services since 2012. She has been charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree assault and related offenses. She was being held on $350,000 bond pending a formal bail review hearing.

Conway is charged with first- and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, handgun offenses and possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, among other charges. He was being held without bond, court records show.

Baltimore Sun reporter Alison Knezevich contributed to this article.

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