Tree removed but damaged W. Baltimore sidewalk not repaired

The problem: A West Baltimore sidewalk damaged after a tree was toppled by Hurricane Irene has not been repaired.

The backstory: Irene wreaked plenty of havoc across the Baltimore area, taking down tree limbs and utility poles.

One street tree that fell in the 4700 block of Dartford Ave., in the Tremont neighborhood, managed to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to Paul Bourne's car. Once city crews removed the log about four days later, he was able to get his vehicle repaired.

However, "the sidewalk is still damaged," said Bourne, who has lived on Dartford for 27 years.

After the tree was removed, Bourne said, he noticed that the damaged sidewalk was still broken.

An elderly neighbor who was taking a lawn mower down the street was forced to lift it on and off the curb to navigate around the buckled pavement, he said.

Students walking home from school were also thwarted.

"Some of them had to go out in the street," Bourne said.

So he called 311.

When weeks passed without any response, Bourne called Watchdog.

Watchdog called the Baltimore Department of Transportation to find out what was happening.

Spokeswoman Adrienne Barnes said the sidewalk would be repaired by the close of business on Wednesday.

Property owners are usually responsible for maintaining sidewalks. However, if a street tree causes damage, the city responds, Barnes said.

She said they received the complaint on Sept. 6, and the city's deadline for response was Oct. 15.

But transportation officials went out to look at it on Thursday and are able to address it early "because we've completed a lot of other jobs," Barnes said.

Who can fix this: Satinder Kang, construction project supervisor, Baltimore Department of Transportation. 410-396-6944. City residents should call 311 to report problems or go to

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