New trial postponed for officer accused of taping judge

The second trial for a Baltimore City police officer accused of illegally taping a conversation with a judge has been postponed until August.

Prosecutors say Sgt. Carlos M. Vila, 46, violated Maryland's wiretap laws when he recorded a conversation between himself and District Court Judge Joan B. Gordon as they sparred over the urgency of a warrant application in a shooting investigation.

But Vila's attorney, Catherine Flynn, argued that he only intended to record himself and captured the judge's voice by accident. In the tape, which was played in court, the judge can only be heard near the end of the recording, and Vila said that is because he mistakenly switched on his speakerphone.

A jury deadlocked on the charges in March and the state is proceeding with a second trial in the case.

Flynn requested the postponement Tuesday, saying that she still needed to get copies of transcripts from the first trial.

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