Police union changes content of anti-Leopold radio ad

The union that represents high-ranking police officers in Anne Arundel County has dropped the name of the force's second-in-command from a radio ad that criticizes the county's executive and chief of police.

The International Brotherhood of Police Officers, which represents Anne Arundel's police lieutenants and sergeants, originally planned to run an ad that promoted Deputy Police Chief Lt. Col. Emerson C. Davis as having taken a "brave stand" by testifying in front of the County Council about alleged improprieties by his superiors.

The rewritten one-minute radio spot now calls for County Executive John Leopold and Police Chief Col. James E. Teare Sr. to vacate office until charges against Leopold are resolved, according to a statement Thursday from the union.

The union did not consult him before running the ads, Davis said, and he asked that his name be removed.

"This just goes to show that the union bosses don't care about the best interests of Anne Arundel County," said Dave Abrams, a spokesman for Leopold. "They only care about their own interests."

Last week, Davis answered questions in front of the council as part of an inquiry into pending criminal charges against Leopold. Teare had previously appeared before the council but refused to answer most questions posed.

Leopold, a Republican, was charged in March with directing his taxpayer-funded security detail to perform personal and political tasks, including transporting him to sexual rendezvous with a county employee and compiling dossiers on his political foes.

Teare has not been charged but the indictment of Leopold suggests Teare was aware of the county executive's alleged behavior and took "no effective action."



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