WisdomWell: A gathering spot for wellness

Inspired by an ancient Chinese symbol, which also serves as the logo for her practice, Jade Connelly-Duggan decided to open WisdomWell, a family acupuncture and wellness center in Columbia.

“For myself and the people I work with, wellness happens in the gathering place,” she says. “I wanted to create a place where the community can come and gather and share ways of being well.”

Connelly-Duggan, a second-generation acupuncturist who has been practicing for four years, founded WisdomWell in November 2011. Her parents, Dianne Connelly and Bob Duggan, who also practice at the wellness center, are the founders of Tai Sophia Institute, a wellness and holistic medicine school in Laurel.

“All of our acupuncturists are comfortable working with children,” says Connelly-Duggan. “As you can imagine, a 2-year-old doesn’t sit still when you try to put needles in. It’s a whole different ballgame.”

WisdomWell also offers nutrition seminars, craniosacral therapy, massage, life, career and parenting coaching, counseling for individuals and couples, and yoga classes for all ages.

For those looking to lead full, healthy lives, Connelly-Duggan has some advice. “Breathe, smile and help somebody else,” she says. “I want people to get that ‘me time’ is not always about them. I’m a better mom when I go to yoga class. Wellness is contagious. Smiling is contagious.”

WisdomWell, 8955 Guilford Road, Suite 240, Columbia. 443-393-2650,

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