Where was outcry when Md. voters were harmed?

As soon as the Supreme Court struck down a key component of the Voting Rights Act ("Part of voting act tossed," June 26), the predictable outcry began from black and Hispanic groups, and the political left in general. A major concern for them is that certain states would attempt to redistrict in such a way that minority voting power would be reduced.

Yet when our own state of Maryland (the California of the East as I like to call it ) and its progressive liberal leadership completely gerrymandered some voting districts not very long ago, I did not hear any outcry from these groups. Seems it must be OK when they determine that it benefits them. The people of Western Maryland and parts of Central Maryland (the majority of whom don't think much like the liberal Democrats of Montgomery County and the D.C. suburbs, with whom they were lumped in) pretty much lost any representation they might have had as a result of this blatant tampering with voting districts to create more Democratic majority districts.

This recarving of Maryland voting districts was nothing less than the tyranny of the majority in action right here in Maryland and blessed by Gov. Martin O'Malley. Yes, the redistricting was put on the ballot and the preposterous districts were duly approved by the voters. Does that really surprise anyone given the liberal Democratic majority in this state?

I am not necessarily saying that I fully agree with what the Supreme Court did, but where were the liberals when non-minorities had their rights trampled on here in Maryland? What is the difference between this and what you are now so upset about?

Joe Everett, Woodbine

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