Here's why we need voter ID

The Sun ran a very interesting article by Laura Murphy concerning voter ID and why it is so hard to produce ID ("A legacy of civil rights is at risk," Feb. 28).

I can tell her why voter ID is needed, especially in the neighborhood she grew up in, Cherry Hill.

During the campaign of 2004 I personally mailed 2,500 mailers to Democratic voters in Cherry Hill who had voted in the last three elections. I received 20 percent back because the people either did not live there, had died or were not known at that address. I brought this to the attention of Barbara Jackson, the commissioner of the Baltimore City Board of Elections, and she did nothing.

The reason the election boards do not get mail returned is the fact that they use prepaid postage on their mailings.

The result is that we get people voting under someone else's name, all because we don't require identification. ID cards are readily available at any MVA.

J. Michael Collins, Reisterstown

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