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Boston isn't the only outrage

Most likely we all agree that the Boston bombing was cowardly, senseless, dastardly. It cries out for justice. And just about every cop in the universe was on this case, big time.

But what about all the drone bombings in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iraq? Aren't these cowardly and unconstitutional and senseless acts of injustice? Who gives those orders? Who carries them out? Innocent men, women and children are just wiped out in an instant! When will the murderers be brought to a court of law?

And those Guantanamo prisoners, why are they still suffering years of confinement and torture? Half have been cleared for release. Why aren't they free to go? Our Constitutional genius, President Barack Obama, twiddles his thumbs while hunger strikers wither away? What's going on there?

And what about the West Chemical and Fertilizer Company nightmare?

What about the 14 deaths down there? Why isn't that nightmare being investigated with the same rigor as Boston? We learn that OSHA hadn't inspected that plant since 1985. What's that all about? How many more time bombs are ticking in work places all over our country?

And where's the concern for the unorganized factory workers in Bangladesh? More than 400 died senselessly when the building collapsed. How do those workers obtain justice? Who speaks for them?

Who sheds tears for those workers? Is it just business? Is it acceptable that corporations like Walmart can make huge profits off the backs of workers?

What kind of world do we live in? So many questions. So many particulars.

Brendan Walsh, Baltimore

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