We must stand up to terrorism

Regardless of whether a man or woman joins an international organization like al-Qaida or simply acts alone, terrorism has wended its hellish way into the very fiber of our society ("At least 3 dead, scores injured in Boston blasts," April 16). So this the brave new world.

The concepts behind terrorism are entirely antithetical to the rules and strictures our country was founded on. America has become the hunted, not the hunter. There are thousands of anti-Americans, mercenaries, and religious zealots who despise America, and all for which it stands.

I feel that terrorism, and vile hatred directed at the United States, the melting pot of the world, is here to stay. It is our civic duty to report to authorities anything that seems amiss or out of place.

We simply have to come to accept that this is an eerily strange new era we were thrust into, beginning on 9/11. We have no choice than to stand firm, always be aware of our surroundings, and never give in to the relentless hypocrisy foisted upon us via terrorists and terrorism. They represent the antithesis of what made us a nation without peer.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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