The mayor is part of the 99 percent; why doesn't she act like it?

I'm glad to hear that even though Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake sent police in riot gear to evict the Occupy Baltimore movement from a public space in our city, she feels it was all done very respectfully.

So I have a question for the mayor, one that the geographer David Harvey recently posted on the blog

"By what right," Mr. Harvey asked, "do mayors, police chiefs, military officers and state officials tell we, the people, that they have the right to determine what is public about 'our' public space, and who may occupy that space, and when?"

Do you have an answer to that, Ms. Mayor? More to the point, do you have an answer that does not simply reflect an arbitrary exercise of power on behalf of your wealthy clients — while we, the people, and our interests are brushed aside as irrelevant?

As far as I know, you too are one of the 99 percent. Why don't you have the courage to act like it?

John Bosley, Baltimore

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