Let Smith Islanders stay

Having been raised in Baltimore, and lived in larger cities, it was with trepidation that I moved to the Eastern Shore many years ago. I have learned to appreciate the values, the culture and the hard work of the farmers and watermen who live here.

Logically speaking, your opinion makes sense ("Smith Island denial," May 17). Erosion on Smith Island is a problem and is here to stay. However, if these people who care so much for their island and their way of life prefer to live on the island, then let them. Let's figure out a way to help them.

Who are we to pass judgment on a culture that should be honored, on a way of life that is hard but honest? Smith Islanders (Ewell and Tangier as well) have a history we should all learn. Marylanders should consider what an asset these folks are and we should do all that we can to educate ourselves, our kids and others about the dedication to this way of life.

If a born and bred "city girl" sees the value in ways just beyond the land itself, I know that others do as well.

Hannah Miller

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