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Where are our leaders?

Today's leaders have got to do better. If they can't put their pettiness and arrogance aside and work for the good of the country, they aren't leaders at all and should retire or be removed from office.

If the government is shut down, what do we need these people for anyway? This should apply to everyone from the very top to the very bottom of government. If they cannot see past their own selfish goals to find a way to meet in the middle, they are useless to the American people.

The people in Congress who are currently not doing their jobs should not be receiving paychecks or benefits of any kind. They shouldn't be traveling on our dime, they should not be fundraising, dining out or using their cushy executive gyms. They should not have cars and security details courtesy of the American taxpayer.

This might be a good opportunity for us to observe a moment of silence for the demise of truly selfless leadership in America because we no longer have leaders in D.C. We have whiners, finger-pointers and the equivalent of a city full of petulant children allegedly running the government.

I am ashamed of them, their work ethic and the fact that they continue to epitomize what a weakened United State of America looks like across the world today. They clearly know how to represent themselves, but they no longer have the ability, capacity or strength to represent the American people.

Jeanette Tsakalos, Baltimore

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