Don't ignore Democrats' role in the government shutdown

For Thomas F. Schaller to have written a more partisan op-ed ("Government shutdown is Republicans' fault — period," Oct. 1) would be nearly impossible. I can't help but notice his lack of intellectual honestly with regard to the political behavior of the Democrats right along with the Republicans. Obamacare became the law of the land by using nothing more than a political stunt.

Democrats knew they did not have the ability get the health care reform bill through using those very same proper measures and procedures Mr. Schaller listed in his commentary. Democrats forced Obamacare to become the law of the land, yet the writer is horrified that Republicans (who are as big a disappointment as Democrats, frankly) are doing what they can to stop something they genuinely disagree with. Really? Is he serious?

Taking sides based on nothing more than "team loyalty" is what keeps true progress from taking place in this country. Take a step back and look honestly at the behavior of both parties' actions not words. You will find little to no difference between the two.

The team Mr. Schaller so vehemently protects passed a bill they admit to never having read just to put a win in their column. Imagine if we all ran our lives and businesses this way. Take your team colors off and truly pay attention.

These two parties share the blame equally for the entire mess we find ourselves in. Why does the behavior of Democrats who passed such a huge bill that went unread not offend Mr. Schaller? Because it was his team pulling the stunt that's why.

It's time to come off the playground and grow up. This is behavior we don't allow our children to engage in. He is not helping.

Tamatha Mavraides

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