Sequester is proof of Obama's incompetence

Regarding your recent editorial on the impending across-the-board cuts in federal spending, since the "sequester" plan originally was introduced by the White House, to call it a "GOP sequester" is a misnomer ("The GOP sequester," Feb. 22).

If we had any leaders, managers or even decent administrators in the Obama administration, a spending reduction of $85 billion would a walk in the park. But no, we get a bunch of whining, doom and gloom.

It can't be that bad if President Obama had time to play golf for a few days (not too mention his continuing campaigning) and if Congress could take a whole week off.

The real issue is that the Senate has voted down President Obama's last two budgets and the Democratic-led Senate has failed to pass any budget over the past four years. At least the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has passed two bills that address the issue of sequester.

Common sense would say the Senate ought to pass a bill and then the two houses of Congress should get together and negotiate a compromise. Otherwise, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should be impeached.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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