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It's the 'Obama sequester'

I guess many of The Sun's readers are of the "low information" type who are not exposed to counter-points that would rebut the mantra of the left ("The GOP sequester," Feb. 22). Let me explain.

Never in the history of this great nation have we gone four years and counting without a budget. Why do we have these financial budget crisis tiffs every four or five months? That is largely why. President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid prefer it that way. They, with help from The Sun and other liberal media outlets providing cover for them, can then just blame the mean-spirited Republicans.

The House has passed two budgets in the past two years, but Senator Reid won't bring a House-approved budget to the floor for debate or vote. The sequestration was the White House's idea. I'll also help you to understand that it was Campaigner-in-Chief Obama who railed against George W. Bush, railed about out-of-control debt, deficits of $9 trillion (he's such a joke), railed against the generational thievery this would produce for our children.

Do none of you there see his disgusting hypocrisy? That is what it is. Do you not see that this is all that he and Senator Reid are out to do — divide the American voters and pray to God that they can get 40 House seats to flip the chamber in 2014. President Obama spent his political capital with arguably the worst piece of legislation passed in American history in the Affordable Care Act. And now everyone cries because the Republicans won't be his lap dog?

President Obama does not lead or govern, he just campaigns, and he is ruining this great nation. It's all part of his plan. He never intended to negotiate on the fiscal crisis that he kicked down the road. You get what you vote for, so enjoy it.

It's the White House's sequester, by the way, to help you be more accurate.

Michael Ganovski, Parkton

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