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Only an incompetent government would resort to a tactic like the sequester

The government's handling of the sequester is a perfect example of how inept it is ("Lawmakers ease airline delays," April 27).

A business would lay off employees who are not essential to its operations. The government lays off the air traffic controllers and keeps the back office people who supposedly are supporting them.

This is absurd, but it's how an inefficient, poorly managed organization operates. I wonder how many other layoffs are comparable. Operating in this manner will increase the deficit, not reduce it.

Meanwhile, the government is doubling the interest on student loans. The U.S. is one of the few developed nations that puts college education out of the reach of many deserving students. In fact, most developed nations offer free or very low cost college education.

The move is typical of how our politicians are trying to turn us into a Third World country. Why does this country do everything it can to make itself less competitive in the world?

Albert M. Harris, Pikesville

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