Sequestration is better than doing nothing

Your recent editorial on budget sequestration got it all wrong ("The GOP sequester," Feb. 22).

Five years ago we began a recession in part because too many people took on debt they could not repay, and we have all suffered for it.

Europeans are in anguish because their governments overextended and had to drastically cut benefits that people counted on. We can't deny that we've seen what happens when debt overwhelms us.

Our government has taken on unsustainable spending. The president is in denial, and he's wrong to promise that the debt will solve itself and that we can safely start new programs.

And we're wrong to back him on that. The rich do not have enough money to cover our debt. Even sequestration will cover only a small portion of it.

In this case, our inability to be responsible leaves it to the Republicans to sound an alarm we just don't want to hear. We may hate them for it, but this time they are right.

Kim Kilduff, Catonsville

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