Believe in Mother Nature

In reference to Richard Anderson's letter ("Keep religion out of the law," Feb. 23) in which he declared himself an atheist, I congratulate him and agree that religions and gods of all faith should not interfere with the law.

I am a retired educator with 35 years of service, which was preceded by eight years of active duty as a Naval Reserve Officer in World War II and Korea, over two of which were spent in the Pacific aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. It was there I had ample time to wonder how there could be so many different gods on the face of the earth, and it is where I became determined to locate a god in which I could discover a home to develop my faith, and locate solace, peace and satisfaction and not interfere with others in the universe.

Suddenly, one day it hit me. In the examination of my experiences here on the earth, who was it that was always present, whether on land or at sea and always had the last word? The answer was Mother Nature, of course, who was always with me.

Mother Nature is my god because in her I can place my trust, regardless of whether I approve or disapprove of her actions.


Quinton D. Thompson, Towson

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