Ravens super, not supernatural

I read with curiosity the Marta Mossburg column regarding the Baltimore Ravens ("Faith fuels 'mighty men' of Baltimore," March 13).

Without a doubt, I would estimate that 95 percent of the Baltimore area is thrilled with the success of our Ravens.

Is Ms. Mossburg attributing the Ravens' success to their faith in what they have deemed beneficial or to some intrinsic, prejudiced and magical power of the Judeo/Christian Bible and Christianity? There is a huge difference.

The power of belief is undeniable. We know well the power of the placebo effect. There is now research into stories of people who know placebos are only that (just sugar pills), yet keep requesting them; so strong is the person's belief in the power of the placebo. The power of belief in these sugar pills does indeed appear to have a positive and beneficial outcome.

The Ravens won through hard work, teamwork, love for one another, a great coach and a powerful shared belief. I hope Ms. Mossburg did not seek to turn this into a win that should be accredited to some sort of Christian wizardry and fairy-dust.

If so, The Sun's readers deserve a more discerning and clear-sighted opinion columnist.

Elizabeth Keeling Carter

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