Thrilling coverage of the Ravens' triumph

As a transplanted Oregonian, I had no idea how much I would love football in Baltimore. But there's one thing I've come to love even more: The Sun's coverage of the Ravens vs. the Broncos ("Tucker caps comeback with 47-yard field goal in overtime, sending team to AFC title game for second year in a row," Jan. 13).

What a beautiful job — articulate, in depth, insightful. There are no words for that great game. "Thriller" was the headline.

One viewer caught afterward said it was "the best game ever." That was close. TV critic David Zurawik's description of the televising was even closer: "Exhilarating and utterly exhausting."

But the English language fails us. Still, the people at The Sun tried as hard to describe that game as the players on the field did to win it. Winners all!

Valerie Govig, Parkville

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