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The Ravens brought us together for a reason

In a recent commentary, Raymond Daniel Burke wrote that the Ravens' Super Bowl victory represented "nothing less than a community again being able to hold its head up and believe in its possibilities" ("Not just a game," Feb. 3).

There is no question that Baltimore often has not had the respect it deserves as a football town or as a city in general. What has been most conspicuous over the last week has been the coming together of our city, county and state in tribute to the players. This spirit of togetherness need not disappear and become lost.

There is a power in this spirit of community to solve the problems that confront us. When we come together in a spirit of unity we can weather the storms and find ways to cooperate with each other for the common good.

Clearly poverty, homelessness and racial injustice affect our city in a negative way. The Ravens' win offers an opportunity take up a regional approach toward helping raise the quality of life in Baltimore.

It's great for us to celebrate and enjoy each other. But tomorrow, let us begin the work that comes from a spirit of togetherness as we seek ways to help others who are not so blessed.

Raymond D. Bahr, Baltimore

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