Stormwater pollution is serious problem

Thanks to Alison Prost for her recent commentary ("Beyond 'rain tax' rhetoric," May 1) explaining the health and economic issues that will be addressed with a stormwater fee and debunking the misrepresentation of the fee.

The fee is not about rain. It takes aim at the pollution, trash and debris that are washing into our local rivers, the Baltimore Harbor and Chesapeake Bay. The polluted runoff makes these waterways unfit for use and the fish in them unsafe to eat. Many Baltimore organizations — private, public, community and nonprofit — are working hard to make our waterways fishable and swimmable. This goal is attainable but only if we have the resources necessary to manage our serious and growing stormwater problem.

Cheryl A. Casciani, Baltimore

The writer is director of neighborhood sustainability for the Baltimore Community Foundation.

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