What about those hurt by Obamacare? [Letter]

Maryland Citizens Health Initiative President Vincent DeMarco's heartwarming example of two people who have benefited greatly from the Affordable Care Act somehow morphed into the conclusion that hundreds of thousands of Marylanders have also reaped similar benefits from the ACA ("For thousands of Marylanders, the Affordable Care Act is a big success," April 22).

Really? What about the thousands of people who lost their insurance policies and were then forced to buy Obamacare with a substantially higher deductible and excess benefits that they don't need and won't ever use? What about the people who signed up but haven't yet paid any premiums? What about the remaining thousands of people who are still uninsured? Is Mr. DeMarco counting them, also, in his "hundreds of thousands" success stories? Mr. DeMarco should be ashamed of himself for propagating such nonsense, and The Sun should be ashamed of itself for printing such disingenuous garbage!

Gail Householder, Marriottsville

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