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Of course Obama has a plan for Medicare

Are the Republicans really that stupid, or has telling lies become such a way of life for them that they can't keep them all straight? I see in the paper from Republican babbling heads like Bob Ehrlich, as well as their cadre of misinformed letter writers, their new "talking point" that President Obama has not issued any plans for Medicare ("Ryan is a good pick — but very risky," Aug. 18). What drug do these guys take that seems to remove 90 percent of their brains?

The president already has a plan. The Republicans spent the last two years fighting against it and screaming that it was going to destroy America. They put every roadblock in the way that their billionaire masters could come up with, and President Obama rammed it down their throats anyway — just like he rammed the barrel of an M16 down the throat of Osama bin Laden. They even invented a derisive name for it — "Obamacare." Don't these half wits even remember what they say anymore? How can they forget everything they've been doing for the past four years?

William Smith, Baltimore

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