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Obama and Democrats misrepresent shutdown

The article, "Obama turns up the heat" (Oct. 4) reports misinformation from President Barack Obama, or else he is just ignorant of the process or is trying to stir up the citizens to support his constant spending.

President Obama is supposed to propose a budget yearly which he didn't do his first three years in office. He pushed through a health care bill in the late of night without funding the bill. Now, he wants to blame Republicans for trying to right a bad situation. He only talks about health care, but he never talks about the tax on the sale of property that is hidden in the bill.

The House has already passed and submitted a bill to keep government funded to the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid didn't like it so he sent his proposal back to the House and that is what is causing a shutdown.

No one needs to consult with President Obama. The House and the Senate need to resolve the problem, but Senator Reid allows President Obama to spread misinformation so his party can avoid blame for the shutdown.

My question to The Sun is why do you allow inaccurate statements to be repeated and has anyone in your office even read the health care bill that Republicans do not want to fund?

J. Michael Collins, Reisterstown

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