Don't let offshore wind fizzle

The sentiment of the commentary, "Nuclear blows away wind" (Feb. 1) worries me. As a District of Columbia resident, I see Maryland as a leader capable of bringing offshore wind to the entire region.

First, offshore wind farms will not be developed if they are not economical based on the physical resource, so paving the way for wind is not a gamble. Let's provide incentives and then let the (somewhat more) level playing field take over.

Second, offshore wind energy is not a cure for climate change. However, it is a sustainable energy source that it is currently underutilized. The best news? Utilizing offshore wind will create a wide spectrum of jobs and focus investment and research interest on the Maryland shore.

Third, Maryland needs a diverse energy portfolio. Therefore, the fate of nuclear energy should have nothing to do with the fate of offshore wind in Maryland.

Last, we could certainly sit around and wait for the perfect technology, opening up land for dirty oil and gas drilling in the meantime. We could call this "looking down the road." Or, we could implement mature wind technology now and call it "progress." Maryland is a state of innovators; as technology develops, wind farms will evolve. But the hard part is the first step. And we don't have another few years to waste debating.

Lindsay D'Ambrosio, Washington, D.C.

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