Clearly, Ravens bags a fashion disaster

I just received my complimentary approved clear plastic bag from the Ravens designed to carry my ID, glasses, cellphone and lipstick into M&T Bank Stadium ("Fans are left holding the bag," Aug. 14). This decidedly unstylish bag would not be my choice to carry my necessary items.

I can only imagine that the National Football League policy that predicated this design was made by a man. No woman I know would want to carry her highly personal items in a bag for all to see. No woman wants to carry a zip-lock bag as a purse. While I thank the Ravens for providing these bags to season ticket holders, I already have a very nice purse (with a Ravens logo), that goes over my shoulder and holds everything I need. Unfortunately, it exceeds the allowable size by 1½ inches.

A small clutch bag, as suggested as an alternative, is the size of an index card. Ironically, a colostomy bag is allowed. How nice of them! I can carry my purse to Oriole games with no problem. Major League Baseball does not see me as a threat, just the NFL. While I certainly understand striving for a safer environment, this is just D-U-M-B!

Kitty Knight, Perry Hall

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