Mikulski fundraising reveals democracy's subversion in action

In his article on Sen. Barbara Mikulski and how her assignment as chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee has helped her campaign fundraising, reporter John Fritze wrote that "For Mikulski ... the windfall underscores her transition from a lawmaker who has typically engaged more on local issues to someone who now chairs a committee that wields tremendous power on the national level. Mikulski benefited from a number of first-time donations from political action committees, including an association that represents assisted living facilities, one of the nation's largest energy companies and a leading supplier of cement."

Shouldn't Mr. Fritze have written that the windfall underscores how broken our government is? What interest have these groups suddenly acquired in the senator? Do our legislators accept these funds with no obligation to the contributor? Do these self-interest groups give money to the members of Congress without expecting favor? Really!

It seems that "government of the people, by the people, for the people" has perished in favor of the interests and gains of a privileged few.

Joseph P. Napora, Baltimore

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