Question 6 opponents have no shame

The latest misleading advertising by the anti-equality Maryland Marriage Alliance suggests that if marriage equality passes, you could suffer negative consequences such as losing your job ("Scare tactics on Question 6," Oct. 18). As reported in The Sun, in actuality, Angela McCaskill, the chief diversity officer at Gallaudet University, was not fired as implied, rather temporarily placed on paid administrative leave.

This false and divisive scare tactic fails to acknowledge the thousands of gays and lesbians who have actually lost their jobs, their social status, and even suffered physical violence for simply being in a loving same-sex relationships. Until recently, even the federal government had an official policy of dismissing members of the armed forces if they found someone was involved with a member of the same gender. Ironically, they often awarded a soldier a medal for killing another man, and a dishonorable discharge for loving one.

The inequities of this bigotry are shameful and need to end. Similarly, the false and misleading advertising campaign by the Maryland Marriage Alliance should also end immediately — as Gallaudet and Ms. McCaskill's lawyer have requested.

Marriage equality is not about retribution. It is about fairness. And loving one another. And tolerating our differences. As the NAACP has proclaimed, it is essentially about protecting the civil rights of all Maryland's citizens.

Vote For Question 6. It is simply the right thing to do.

James Williams, Baltimore

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