Prelate's anti-gay agenda merits more skeptical coverage

Your story on the installation of William E. Lori ("New prelate pledges firmness," May 17) as 16th archbishop of Baltimore reveals a religious bias that flies in the face of fair and unbiased reporting. You tout Mr. Lori's anti-gay bigotry as if it is, at it's worst, a neutral stand. When our history is written, he, like so many others, will be seen as an intolerant religious zealot who in the name of God and Christ stood for the oppression of others. Though Mr. Lori professes charity as his calling, his stand against civil rights is anything but.

Your reporters failed to give voice to the devoted Christians, some of them Catholics, who believe in equality for gay and lesbian families.

The photo says it all. A church governed by a cadre of unmarried men dressed in white robes is advocating anti-civil rights legislation to enshrine "traditional" marriage. I am certain I am not the only one who sees the unfortunate and tragic irony and parallels to past struggles for justice and equality.

This article belonged on an editorial or opinion page and not as a news story.

H. Alexander Satorie-Robinson, Baltimore

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